I’m new to a vacation rental; how does it work?

The law is constantly changing, and it is a great time to hire a professional management service that will help you through the process. Visication.com can assist you in rental home preparation, marketing, bookings, maintenance and every other vacation rental management aspect.


How much will my property rent for?

Visication.com has access to current market data that allows us to analyze the leasing price of other nearby properties and make a comparison to know the best price for your vacation rental.


How are payments collected, and when do I get paid?

All bookings and payments are made and processed online, and owners havefull access and transparency to the entire process as well as receiving their monthly statements.


How soon can you begin managing my property?

Our work starts right after the agreement is signed between the property owner and us. We’ll get to work almost immediately.


Do I get a report of how my rental property is doing?

Yes. We’ll send you a monthly financial statement along with receipts to giveyou a complete view of your return on investment and how well your vacation rental business is doing.


How much does Visication.com charge?

We charge a 20% management fee on every booking and do not earn a cent unless your property is doing well. Your success is our success, and we’ll do everything to help you generate continuous revenue.